Sunday, October 19, 2014

Crafting With Putka Pods

I am hooked on putka pods – miniature dried pumpkin shaped seed pods grown on trees in India.

These are great for decorating – add around a pillar candle, use in potpourri or create decorative wreaths and topiaries.

Though it is time consuming hot gluing each individual pod to the floral foam, it is well worth it once completed!

For the miniature wreath, moss was glued on top of a small grapevine wreath, then finished with the pods. A piece of jute was added so it can easily hang from a peg or knob.

For the large natural color wreath, a round green floral foam was used. Once I had two rows along the outer edge and two rows on the inside edge complete, it was easier to fill in the center.

The topiary was a little easier to make. I started on the bottom of the floral foam cone and worked my way up to the tip. Having various sizes of pods helped in filling in the gaps. Adding an old patina clay pot and moss makes this a wonderful holiday centerpiece.

If you would like to purchase putka pods for your own projects, please visit my Etsy shop, Cat Tales.